Bad and Poor Credit Fairfield West

Anyone that applies for a loan knows that the lenders are going to be looking at their credit score, before anything else. That would up the lender’s confidence in the applicant and help them get a better deal. On the other hand, if your credit score isn’t that good, lenders would simply cold-shoulder you; the ones that do consider approving your loan may charge you higher interest rates.

This is because they consider you to be a much higher risk and presume that you may find it challenging to repay their principle as well as their interest.  If you are in a situation like this, and are looking for any type of loan, there is no reason to be disheartened. There are a large number of Australians that have Bad and Poor Credit Fairfield West and need financial assistance. We at EZY Vehicle Finance can help.

Bad Credit- Understanding what it is

  • Many financial institutions are typically connected to each other; they are able to share credit-related information about their customers, with each other.
  • If you have ever borrowed money or even owned a credit card, the financial institution will have a lot of information about you.
  • However, if you have been a regular defaulter, have multiple credit files or have filed for bankruptcy that can have a negative impact on your credit score.
  • This acts as a deterrent for financial institutions to give you money; however, in no way does this mean you would be unable to get any financial assistance when you need it.

Bad Credit Loans- Different types

There are a number of financial institutions in the country that provide these Bad and Poor Credit Fairfield West loans, without high interest rates and tough conditions. We are here to help identify which loans will work best for you and ones that will lighten your financial burden. The different types of loans that are available to you are:

  • Secured Bad Credit Loans – In these loans, you are able to get finance against any valuable asset you may have. This asset shouldn’t have any liens on it. Financial institutions are quite proactive with offering these loans as they know they will be able to recover, both the principle as well as the interest, in case you are unable to repay the loan.
  • Unsecured Bad Credit Loans – This loan isn’t secured via any collateral; and it offers much lower loan amounts. You won’t find too many lenders that are keen to offer this kind of loan; however certain financial institutions do. Government–backed debt agreements are one way of getting an unsecured loan.

When you come to us, you are assured of honest and objective advice from knowledgeable and helpful consultants. You won’t find us being judgemental in any way and we are always eager to help. For more information about Bad and Poor Credit Fairfield West loans, call us at this number- 1300 793 900. You can also use this application form to make a direct application. Alternatively, send us your queries via this form.